Fantasy Draft Party Hosting

It’s time to do your draft like you’ve never done it before. Live in-person with all your friends. All you have to do is show up with your picks and we take care of the rest. It’s simple, take a look at all the fantastic venues and select your location, select the package that best suits your group and BOOK IT. That’s it. You just need to show up…we’ll have a private section reserved for your group, a server dedicated to bringing you all the snacks and beverages you want, draft your teams, and most importantly have a kick ass time with your league.

For the draft itself, we have two board options; traditional sticker board, or digital draft board that displays on the HD TV’s.

    Standard Draft Board                                    WiFi Digital Board*

sticker_draft_board      fandraft


*FanDraft is a Fantasy Football Draft Board software that streamlines the drafting process digitally via laptop, and is projected onto the large flat screen HD TV’s that will be set up at your chosen chosen draft venue. has teamed up with, and provides an easy integration solution for your completed draft results.  If you are using a different fantasy league management solution, such as ESPN Fantasy Football or Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football, we offer 2 export options as well.  We will export your completed draft rosters as either an html file, or an Excel doc. We will email you your completed rosters at the end of your draft.